Short non-fantasy stories

Time out

A story about a boy and his dom. A young man spends a few days with his lover, recharging his batteries.
Warnings: BDSM (figging, electrical, wax, suspension and resistance play, bondage and flogging) and romance. Adults only

Tom and Sean

How Tom met Sean. A prequel to Time Out.
Warnings: explicit m/m, mild D/s, smutty talk and fantasy. Adults only

Autumn rains

A lover muses on a stolen item
Written for the ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ challenge.. 1000 words

Fire, fire

Fire, fire, burning bright.
Written for the ‘A picture is worth a thousand words Year 5′ challenge. Originally posted here. 1000 words. Gen.

All these and more are collected in the anthology, Selected Short Stories

The Gift of Giving

Jamie hates Xmas, but when he meets Ciarán, a young artist at the museum, he’s persuaded to take a new look at the season. A free holiday short story at Samhain Publishing from December 2008. Download it for free here.

Loose Ends

When Mark found he was dying, his last wish was to make sure that he’d left nothing for his husband, Christopher, to worry about. But Christopher discovers that his beloved hasn’t quite tied up all the loose ends.
Warnings: m/m, angst.