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Happy holiday season!

The SO and I are going away tomorrow to Tasmania to hide away from the neighbourhood ‘festivities’, so I will be ‘going dark’ pretty much until the New Year.

For those keeping count, this will be our fifth trip this year (we might have overdone it a tad). I know I am very privileged to be able to afford to travel so much at this time in my life. I wish all of you could have such good experiences as I’ve had this year. On the other hand, I lost some good friendships, and a not so good remaining parent, and I wouldn’t wish any of that on anyone.

To all my dear readers, I hope this season is safe, happy and bringing peace. It’s been an awful year from so many perspectives, and all we can do is cling tight to those we care about, and do what we can in our small ways to make life less sucky.

I have a few books going cheap until Boxing day. I gave a few away for free this year, and I will do again. And there may even be a new book, fingers crossed.

Roll on 2015, and let there be peace on earth. Finally. We need it so very much.


Holiday Season Sale – 5 books at $1 each

So are we all getting ready for the seasonal hijinks? Don’t know what to give that difficult person? I’m here to help :)

Five of my books are available for US $1 from Smashwords (with the coupon code) or All Romance Ebooks (no code needed) – and don’t forget, Smashwords allows you to gift books :) All until 26 December 2014.

So enjoy these five:

cold_front_cover Cold Front (Pindone Files #1) at Smashwords – code SD96V

at ARe

unsettled_conditions_cover_6x9 Unsettled Conditions (Pindone Files #2) at Smashwords – code SA94K

at ARe

a_fluffy_tale_cover A Fluffy Tale at Smashwords – code TT62Z

at ARe

a_fluffy_tale2_cover A Fluffy Tale 2: Warm and Fuzzy at Smashwords – code XA77T

at ARe

twin_effect_cover_medium Twin Effect at Smashwords – code PH67M

at ARe

Sales from these books will help pay for me to commission new covers for Cold Front and Unsettled Conditions from the fabulous PL Nunn, so if you liked my new Darshian Tales covers, you’ll love those!

Have a happy holiday season, dear readers :)


Get all Darshian Tales for $4 – with spiffy new covers!

keisgiftplnunnThe covers for the Darshian Tales have never been fantastic, because I’m not a designer. So I finally commissioned my good friend and wonderful artist, PL Nunn, to create new covers for all four books.

To celebrate, I am offering all four books for US$1 each through Smashwords until November 21. Coupon codes are:

Kei’s Gift: ER79V

Falling from the Tree: QM72T

Staying Power: EB42W

Home Ground: NE99L

Being my oldest books, they suffer from my not knowing as much about telling stories and writing as I do ten years on, but I think they’re still enjoyable. Why not try them and see if you agree? :)

Click on the images below to see them in full size. The print book versions will be updated shortly

Kei's Gift Cover Home Ground CoverFalling From the Tree CoverStaying Power Cover


Giving away “Different Senses” as a gift to the community

There’s a lot of horrible stuff going on at the moment, a lot of it hitting readers directly. I blogged about it and there are links in my post if you don’t know what’s going on.

But as my own gift to a beleagured community and my way of expressing my regret for what some authors are doing to us all, I’m giving away Different Senses completely free for the next week (Until 29 October). Use Code PG88D at Smashwords to reduce the price to zero.

I wish I could hug those hurt and frightened by all this. I don’t know what I can do, but please know I am on your side.

If you would prefer another book instead of this one, email me. I’ll do what I can for you.

ETA: I also always have these books and stories available for free

If you want a copy of any of my self-pub books for free, just ask. You do not have to be a reviewer, or promise a review. I don’t care about reviews (I mean, yeah, nice, but that’s not what this is about.)


“Games & Consequences” in Finnish


Once again I have been blessed by the hard work and sheer talent of Paula Merensuo who has translated the second book in the Remastering Jerna series into Finnish.

Go download it for free here.


My racefail post

During recent reorganisation of my domains, links to my Racefail ’09 summary have been broken. Just want to let you know that I’ve reposted it here. A lot of the links are probably dead, but this is the document as it was then and shall remain. (Sorry, comments on the original post are also lost.)


“Remastering Jerna” in Finnish!


remastering_jerna_cover_finnish_smA Finnish reader contacted me a while ago and offered to translate my book, since there is very little of this kind of material in the Finnish language. I was wary because I would have no way of checking the quality of her translation. I agreed she could translate it so long as she didn’t try and sell the book, or claim copyright over it.

I figured that would deter anyone, but nothing daunted, Paula Merensuo went ahead, and not only translated the book, but sent it out for assessment by other English speaking Finns. They approved, and let me know, so I’m happy to announce that “Jernan uusi isäntä” (“Jerna’s New Master”) is now available for free at Smashwords.

Remember, the translation is copyright Paula Merensuo, and the translated version must not be sold or put up for download anywhere without my permission. Other than that, if you are a Finnish speaker – enjoy!

(And if you have comments on the translation, please let me know and I will pass them onto Paula.)


And…I’m back!

Safe and sound and not even too jetlagged (thank you Singapore Airlines business class, ooh you are so awesome!)

It was all amazing. Iceland was even more stunning than I imagined, and Norway lives up to all the hype and then some. In no particular order, here are my own personal invented awards: Continue reading


Up, up and away!

This time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane heading to London, where we catch a flight to Iceland. And then, hopefully, will follow six and a half weeks of wonderful scenery, great food and exciting things to do in Scandinavia and thereabouts. So if there’s a delay in my answering emails or the like…it’ll be because I’m having too much fun :)

I’ve put all the Darshian Tales up on All Romance Ebooks now, but don’t buy them from there until after the end of July. Because until 31 July, Smashwords’ sale is still on, and you can get all my self-published books from there for 50% off using code SSW50.

See you all again in mid-September!


Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale – all my self-published books are 50% off

My Junetacular giveaways are over (and thank you to all those who availed themselves of the chance to pick up the six books for free – hope you liked them! Don’t forget to tell a friend!), but the bargains continue with the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale.

All my books at Smashwords are 50% off for the entire month of July. Where that discount reduces the price to below 99cents, the price is free!

So if my giveaways piqued your interest, here’s your chance to get some more of my writing very cheap. (Don’t forget, I have some stories right here for free all the time.)

Other books in the Smashwords sale can be found here.


Junetacular Freebie #4: Hidden Faults

hidden_faults_cover3_smUse code KN24F to buy Hidden Faults for free from Smashwords until 28 June 2013

Hidden Faults is the second book in what I call my Pindone Files AU. This series kicked off with the Cold Front remix, Walk a Lonesome Road, but you don’t need to read either story to understand or enjoy Hidden Faults.

In a world where paranormals are persecuted, medical researcher Jodimai hon Belwin works to find a ‘cure’ for paranormality so ‘paras’ can lead normal lives again. His society is dominated by religious bigotry as much as paranoia over paranomal abilities, so he struggles to keep his homosexuality secret for the sake of his family and his career. But unbeknownst to him, he has another secret, and when that secret is suddenly uncovered, his comfortable life comes to a horrifying end. Now his fate rests with the much-hated paranormals, and in particular, a mysterious dark-eyed man with powers Jodi can barely comprehend, and many shocking secrets of his own.


Junetacular Freebie #3: Going Down

going_down_new_ed_smUse code HP62K to buy Going Down for free from Smashwords until 21 June 2013

Going Down is set approximate fifty years or so before Cold Front, and for now is the only story in that time period.

For 15 years Derzo Einan rescued others from fires, floods and natural disasters. In the aftermath of a horrific event, he’s left unable to help anyone, not even himself, his empathy now more of a curse. Running from his demons, Einan finds refuge in a big city, discovering an underclass of people even worse off than him. In saving one more person, will he find his own salvation?


Junetacular Freebie #2: Cold Front

cold_front_cover_smUse code GJ37N to buy Cold Front for free from Smashwords until 14 June 2013

Cold Front takes place approximately three thousand years after the events of Kei’s Gift, and is the first book of the Pindone Files.

Dek tops. Ren bottoms. Neither gives an inch. Kinky, tough, troubled, caring. Cops and lovers, fighting crime and, sometimes, each other, in a vast cold land where the criminals read minds and the cops never know what they’ll face next.