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Let me tempt you?

transcription_cover_edOkay, guys. I always knew a non-romance SF novella was going to be a hard sell to my usual readers. So let me tempt you to try Lost in Translation for FREE rom Smashwords until  28 February 2015, using code UP67L

Why should you try it? Well, apart from it being a professionally edited novella, it’s got action! Friendship! Mystery! Non-annoying child characters! And it’s short! :)

Come on. Stretch yourself. It’ll only hurt a little :)


New Story – Lost in Transcription


I am pleased to announce a new novella.

Pilot Bancilhon Pax doesn’t expect anything but relaxation during some planetary downtime, but news of missing children possibly trafficked for sex can’t be ignored. Pax investigates, a decision which turns the pilot’s ordered, predictable life upside down, and has strange and unexpected consequences for other connected to Pax in ways no one could ever suspect.

Artwork by the wonderful PL Nunn.

This story is not a romance. It has no sexual – or indeed gendered – content of any kind. It’s just straightforward science fiction. And you can buy it for just US$0.99 FREE from Smashwords until 7 February, 2015, 28 February 2015, using code UP67L



Get all Darshian Tales for $4 – with spiffy new covers!

keisgiftplnunnThe covers for the Darshian Tales have never been fantastic, because I’m not a designer. So I finally commissioned my good friend and wonderful artist, PL Nunn, to create new covers for all four books.

To celebrate, I am offering all four books for US$1 each through Smashwords until November 21. Coupon codes are:

Kei’s Gift: ER79V

Falling from the Tree: QM72T

Staying Power: EB42W

Home Ground: NE99L

Being my oldest books, they suffer from my not knowing as much about telling stories and writing as I do ten years on, but I think they’re still enjoyable. Why not try them and see if you agree? :)

Click on the images below to see them in full size. The print book versions will be updated shortly

Kei's Gift Cover Home Ground CoverFalling From the Tree CoverStaying Power Cover


“Games & Consequences” in Finnish


Once again I have been blessed by the hard work and sheer talent of Paula Merensuo who has translated the second book in the Remastering Jerna series into Finnish.

Go download it for free here.


“Remastering Jerna” in Finnish!


remastering_jerna_cover_finnish_smA Finnish reader contacted me a while ago and offered to translate my book, since there is very little of this kind of material in the Finnish language. I was wary because I would have no way of checking the quality of her translation. I agreed she could translate it so long as she didn’t try and sell the book, or claim copyright over it.

I figured that would deter anyone, but nothing daunted, Paula Merensuo went ahead, and not only translated the book, but sent it out for assessment by other English speaking Finns. They approved, and let me know, so I’m happy to announce that “Jernan uusi isäntä” (“Jerna’s New Master”) is now available for free at Smashwords.

Remember, the translation is copyright Paula Merensuo, and the translated version must not be sold or put up for download anywhere without my permission. Other than that, if you are a Finnish speaker – enjoy!

(And if you have comments on the translation, please let me know and I will pass them onto Paula.)


And…I’m back!

Safe and sound and not even too jetlagged (thank you Singapore Airlines business class, ooh you are so awesome!)

It was all amazing. Iceland was even more stunning than I imagined, and Norway lives up to all the hype and then some. In no particular order, here are my own personal invented awards: Continue reading


Up, up and away!

This time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane heading to London, where we catch a flight to Iceland. And then, hopefully, will follow six and a half weeks of wonderful scenery, great food and exciting things to do in Scandinavia and thereabouts. So if there’s a delay in my answering emails or the like…it’ll be because I’m having too much fun :)

I’ve put all the Darshian Tales up on All Romance Ebooks now, but don’t buy them from there until after the end of July. Because until 31 July, Smashwords’ sale is still on, and you can get all my self-published books from there for 50% off using code SSW50.

See you all again in mid-September!


Disabled protagonists

means_of_support_cover_smI thought some readers might appreciate a list of my books which feature disabled protagonists, so I’ve created a category so you can find them easily.

These are the characters: Dylan in Twin Effect is an amputee, as is Evan in Means of Support. Lindira is blind, as is Connor in Somatesthesia (though he has bionic implants which give him artificial sight.) Paole in Many Roads Home is blind in one eye. Dharn in Learning to Dharn is deaf. Dek in Walk a Lonesone Road and Dinan in Going Down both suffer from PTSD. Juimei in Home Ground has hemiplegia from a traumatic brain injury.


Now the sales are over….

All the sales and discounts are finished now, which is sad for you and for me. For you, if you missed out, and for me, for the same reason, because I hate to see people paying full price when they can buy the books cheaper!

But, if you did manage to snaffle one or more of my books during the sales, as always, I would be incredibly grateful if you would rate and review (honestly!) the book at Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords or wherever. I’m also always delighted to hear from you through email, or on Twitter (which happened just this morning, yay!)

I love to hear how I made my readers cry ;)


Hey! Don’t be a sad panda!

See this panda? It is sad.

Panda with bamboo

Why is the panda sad? Because it didn’t catch the amazing deal that runs out on 28 February (that’s Thursday, guys.) All three Remastering Jerna novels for $2! Books 2 & 3 completely free!

Be smarter than a panda. Don’t miss out!


Remastering Jerna in ebook format, plus 2 sequels for free!


Well, it’s been a long time coming, but Remastering Jerna is finally available in ebook format! Remastering Jerna is a complex, erotic story of redemption, love, and the contract of trust in a relationship of control and submission. If you’re thinking it’s another Fifty Shades of Grey, think again ;)

To celebrate this rerelease (in all its edited glory), until the end of February, you can buy this book from Smashwords for 50% – making it just $2!

Not only that, you can download the two sequels for free! That’s  3 whole novels (plus one short story) for $2!

Only from Smashwords, only until the end of February, and only with the coupon codes below:

Remastering JernaUK76U

Games & Consequences (Remastering Jerna #2) - QA59P

Needful (Remastering Jerna #3) - HS22B

Tell your friends! And if you’re moved to rate/review wherever, then that would be awesome.


New domain, site revamp

Welcome to my new site and domain. While the old one will still work, I will be slowly redirecting links from the old site to this. Please do let me know if anything is broken!