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Happy holiday season!

The SO and I are going away tomorrow to Tasmania to hide away from the neighbourhood ‘festivities’, so I will be ‘going dark’ pretty much until the New Year.

For those keeping count, this will be our fifth trip this year (we might have overdone it a tad). I know I am very privileged to be able to afford to travel so much at this time in my life. I wish all of you could have such good experiences as I’ve had this year. On the other hand, I lost some good friendships, and a not so good remaining parent, and I wouldn’t wish any of that on anyone.

To all my dear readers, I hope this season is safe, happy and bringing peace. It’s been an awful year from so many perspectives, and all we can do is cling tight to those we care about, and do what we can in our small ways to make life less sucky.

I have a few books going cheap until Boxing day. I gave a few away for free this year, and I will do again. And there may even be a new book, fingers crossed.

Roll on 2015, and let there be peace on earth. Finally. We need it so very much.

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Dear Reader

Thank you for dropping by the home of my writing. Navigation should be easy enough through the top and side menus.

I write stories (mostly) about gay, bisexual, or heterosexual (mostly) men being in love/lust/wishful thinking about people of the same sex (mostly male). Sometimes those emotions will express themselves sexually, and sometimes in kinky sex of the BDSM kind.

It’s fiction about people. Except when it’s fiction about…erm…people who are animals. Aliens. Who look like animals.

I write low fantasy or science fiction set in my Periter universe or other alternate earth-like universes. There are no elves or dragons. There are paranormals and other funky things going on too.

Some stories are set in the “real world”. Many stories are set in Earthlike worlds which differ from reality in one or two significant ways.

Whichever stories you choose to read, I hope you enjoy them. I write to entertain, and to make people think. Hopefully to make you think you’ve been entertained :)


Ann Somerville

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