Many Roads Home

Vicont Yveni, fleeing danger, is captured by slavers and sold to a man who hates his country. Paole, a healer, was enslaved as a child and suffered much abuse. Hating the loneliness of his new freedom, he seeks an apprentice, but ends up with a sulky, dishonest slave. Two stubborn individuals struggle for control, but find love. If Yveni reclaims his birthright, can their relationship survive?


Product Description

Vicont Yveni, heir to the Duchy of Sardelsa, flees his sister’s murderous betrothed. Seeking safety with old friends, he’s shipwrecked and captured by raiders who sell him into slavery. His new owner has no love for Yveni’s country.

Paole was kidnapped and sold into slavery as a child. Even though his talent as a healer made him a valuable asset to his masters, he still suffered terrible abuse and prejudice. Now free, he hates the loneliness of his new life. He seeks a companion and apprentice, but ends up with a sulky, uncooperative slave who lies about just about everything.

Yveni cannot tell him the truth, so Paole refuses to trust him. Two strong-headed individuals struggle for dominance, but find love instead. When Yveni leads an army to reclaim his country and his birthright, how can their new relationship survive, when he is the Duc and Paole a mere subject?

Previously published by Samhain.