In Interstitial (previously published with Samhain Publishing), meet the crew.

Sebastien ven Hester (‘Seb’) – 38, a gifted astrogator,  a decorated war hero, and now a space cargo captain. Trained as an engineer before joining the military as a pilot during the five year war with the Karhal. His ten-year marriage fell apart under the stresses of his war experiences and his emotional constipation. He would rather face the worst terrors of space than talk about his feelings.

Jason North (‘North’) – 26, quick-witted, brave, and as openly emotionally as Seb is closed off. One day he will be one of the best space captains in the fleet but right now he has two regrets – that the war ended before he had a chance to join up and fight, and that his handsome captain hasn’t indicated any interest in him. Until now.

Jatila Kan (‘Jati’) –  26, a well-qualified flight engineer with a special interest in the sentient organisms (BRAINS) at the heart of the ship. She’s beautiful, well-liked, smart – probably smarter than North and Seb put together – but she’s been unlucky in love. She’s been involved with North for about a year, unaware that she’s only a friend with benefits as far as North is concerned.

Messy love triangles won’t make for a happy three-week-long passenger run across the galaxy. Trying to sort out a messy love triangle while your ship is under deadly attack is even worse, even if it’s a distraction from thinking about what will happen if they fail to stop the Karhal.

In Synchronised, at a sun-drenched luxury resort, Seb and North recuperate, sort out a few issues, and move their relationship up a notch. Jati deals with her demons.

In Impedimenta, North and Seb are still fumbling towards happiness, but the baggage they both carry is holding them back. Still, a six month mission on a quiet backwater of a planet could be the making of them…but then Jati has to go and say the fatal words: ‘milk run’. She should know by now that nothing is ever that easy, that space is full of surprises, and a new chance for love can come out of the blue.

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