Hidden Faults (Pindone Files AU #2)


In a world where paranormals are persecuted, medical researcher Jodimai hon Belwin works to find a ‘cure’ for paranormality so ‘paras’ can lead normal lives again. His society is dominated by religious bigotry as much as paranoia over paranomal abilities, so he struggles to keep his homosexuality secret for the sake of his family and his career. But unbeknownst to him, he has another secret, and when that secret is suddenly uncovered, his comfortable life comes to a horrifying end.

Now his fate rests with the much-hated paranormals, and in particular,  a mysterious dark-eyed man with powers Jodi can barely comprehend, and many shocking secrets of his own.

Part of the Periter universe, and a sequel to Walk a Lonesome Road, but stands alone. No previous knowledge assumed or needed.