A Fluffy Tale 2: Warm and Fuzzy


When a dreadful accident kills both his parents, Daniel Walkinshaw gives up his studies and chance of a career as an engineer, to support his younger brother and sister. He takes an office position, and quickly discovers that the denizens of the company hate him as much as he hates his new job. Only the friendship of the incredibly tall and very kind Spen Reardon, the IT manager, and Daniel’s kem, Kani, keep him half-way sane.

Spen is sorry Daniel is wasting his time in a job that suits him so badly, but is also worried because rumours about Daniel’s boss make him wonder if Daniel is at risk of more than being bored to death. Drawn to Daniel as a person, he finds himself involved in helping his friend out in hard times – and saving his neck when things turn dangerous. To rescue Daniel, he needs the help of his good friend Julian, and Julian’s husband Zachary, and Zachary’s canny uncle Leo. And of course, their clever, mischievous kems!

This book is a sequel to A Fluffy Tale.