Reaching Higher (Encounters #2)

Second chances are one in a million.

Encounters, Book 2

Kine Raelne and his crew came to Quarn on a desperate, illegal mission to try to save his home planet. Captured and condemned to death for their crime, he and two other mission survivors are offered a chance to redeem themselves—and to go home, if they’re lucky. But it means working with a bunch of Quarnians who have every reason to distrust them.

Suaj qel Gwan knows what it’s like to be the outsider, and he has more cause than most to hate Raelne and his kind for what they did. Suaj’s telepathic ability might mean he has to work with the offworlders, but it doesn’t mean he has to like it.

As they learn to work together to achieve their goals, Raelne and Suaj find within each other a reason to reach beyond their ingrained prejudice. But there are others who would use their fragile trust to achieve their own ends…

Warning: This title contains m/m sex, angst, interplanetary lovin’ and airplanes.

What other people have said about Reaching Higher.

I like seeing things from the viewpoint of the “bad” guys from the previous group. Sometimes things aren’t as cut and dry as they appear on the surface and Ann Somerville has deftly written a touching novel that clearly shows this. Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews.

Ann Somerville has created a fantastic series, so unlike the norm. She outlines the characters and settings in incredible detail. – Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs

Too much m/m fiction today that aspires to the category of science-fiction turns out to be no more than a pastiche of Star Trek episodes larded with a whole lot of porn. That’s not the case with the Encounters series: it’s cerebral, realistic, and infused with impressive futuristic detail. – Val Kovalin, Obsidian Bookshelf

[Reaching Higher] fleshes out characters that were merely utilized as villainous tools in the first story, and adds a whole new layer of complexity to the world Somerville created.These new details – in fact, the world-building all around – are by far this story’s greatest strength, better even than the clean and nearly flawless prose.
– Book Utopia Mom.