Going Down

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This novella will be our first introduction to Dindornes, a former Darsini colony, where the landscape is vast and the people resourceful. Paranormals are a vital asset to a small population carving out an existence in a bountiful but often dangerous land.

Summary: Derzo Einan wanted to help people, and for fifteen years he rescued others from fires, floods and natural disasters. But in the aftermath of a horrific event, he’s left unable to help anyone, not even himself, his gift of empathy now more of a curse and his career in tatters. Running from his demons, Einan finds refuge in a big city, discovering an underclass of helpless hopeless people even worse off than himself—and another soul as troubled and damaged as him. In saving one more person, will he find his own salvation?

What other people have said about Going Down:

I read this story with relish and deep admiration. It’s a story of the healing power of perseverance and friendship. It’s not mushy, or sexy, or sentimental, but it kept me reading, resenting every blink of my eyes. When I finished reading, I scrolled right back to the beginning and read it again. – Lee Benoit

If you like your m/m romance to deal with more than sex, this story provides a satisfying morsel, and I for one would like to see more of these characters.Surya

At times dark, the novella is ultimately uplifting. It is a story about hope, about having the courage to move on, about regaining a faith in – and unique – to oneself. It isn’t a traditional romance as the future relationship between Einan and Thalem is only touched upon and is left deliciously up in the air. But there is a deep romance here, a romance of friends and of the non-traditional families we always create. It is a deeply satisfying portrait that is painted with a gentle brush. – Paul G. Bens

Going Down is a very complex and deep story. It’s hardly a romance, even if there is a blossoming story between Einan and Thalem, but sex is not part of it. Full of feeling and a sense of peace and the belief that men can change the world if only one starts.Elisa Rolle

Though this story is just shy of 30k, it took several sittings for me to finish. It is not an easy read, either in voice or in subject matter.The author’s prose is dense, her characters broken, and its tone somber and unforgiving.There is no hiding away from the misery, or the stark lives her characters have.You don’t read this story expecting a whimsical escape.If you do, you’ll be sorely upset.Book Utopia

Ann in my opinion is an exceptional storyteller who was able to draw me into this captivating fantasy world. Einan and Thalem’s story has found an enduring place in my heart. – Angusdevotee