Encounters (Books 1 & 2)

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Second chances come once in a lifetime. And sometimes they come on Angel wings…

On Wings, Rising
Dinun is used to living alone in the great, empty lands of Quarn, looking for treasure. He never dreamed it would come in the form of an injured Angel.

One of a race of telepathic winged humanoids, Moon is searching desperately for the child stolen from him to be used in barbaric experiments. In Dinun he finds an unexpected ally—and a desire that takes flight. Dinun offers his bravery in the battle to recover the lost Angel infants. Will his heart be strong enough to win Moon’s love?

Reaching Higher
Captured and condemned to death for trying to save his home planet, Kine Raelne is offered a chance to redeem himself—and to go home, if he’s lucky. But it means working with a bunch of Quarnians who have every reason to distrust him.

Suaj qel Gwan’s telepathic ability might mean he has to cooperate with the hated offworlder, but it doesn’t mean he has to like it. Yet somehow, through their enforced proximity, Raelne and Suaj find within each other a reason to reach beyond their ingrained prejudice.

But there are others who would use their fragile trust to achieve their own ends…

Book 3 of this series, Bound to fall, is available through Smashword in eformat.