Bound to Fall (Encounters #3)

Can you ever go home again?

Encounters, Book 3

Two years after the disastrous attack on the Angels and their children, Kine Raelne is settling well into his new life, with his new lover, working for Quarn to improve life for its people.

Dinun isn’t faring so well. Life with the Angels can be hard for a weak human, however much in love he is with Moon.

The arrival of visitors from Rael’s former home, throws everything and everyone into confusion. They offer opportunities, hope – and second chances. How can Rael and Dinun refuse?

But there are more terrors to space travel than the risk of an exploding ship, and Rael, Suaj, Dinun and Moon find themselves caught up in political manoeuvrings which threaten them all. It will take all their skill – and love – to get everyone home safely once more.

Sequel to On Wings, Rising, and Reaching Higher (both formerly published by Samhain, now available in a complete Encounters anthology.)