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Sensual overload can be a tactical disadvantage.

Devlin Grace’s experience with child exploitation cases lands him a new assignment with the Special Crimes Investigators unit of the Federal Justice Agency, plus a new partner who could make the job tougher than expected. Connor Hutchens possesses incredible, scientifically enhanced senses…and zero social skills. Word on the street is that his last partner left under a cloud—and it was Connor’s fault.

Connor blames himself for losing his previous partner, and wants to do right by his new one. But Devlin confuses and frustrates him, and he struggles to cope with Devlin’s swift intelligence, quirky humor and teasing sexuality.

With the dangerous, perplexing case facing them, there’s no one Devlin would rather have at his back than Connor. But the longer they work together, the higher the sexual tension rises—until attraction boils over and puts everything at risk. Their careers, the children they’re trying to save—and any chance of lasting love.

This book has been previously published.

Warning: Violence and non-graphic reference to mutilations. But also snarking, teasing, why-won’t-they-get-a-clue syndrome, and kittens in barns.

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Many Roads Home

No trust without truth.
Fleeing his murderous brother-in-law, Vicont Yveni, heir to the Duchy of Sardelsa, seeks safety abroad until he can reclaim his birthright. Instead he ends up shipwrecked, captured and taken to the one country where he dare not reveal his identity. Worse, he’s just been bought by a man with no love for Sardelsa.

Ripped from his family as a child and sold into slavery, Paole’s natural gift for healing made him a valuable asset but did little to shield him from abuse and prejudice. Though he’s now free, for the first time in his life he’s alone—and he hates it. All he wanted was an apprentice and traveling companion in this hostile land. Instead he winds up the unintentional owner of a slave with a mulish attitude…and a suspicious history.

Yveni dares not tell the truth about who he is, and Paole refuses to trust him until he comes clean. The battle of wills only serves to heat up a sizzling attraction that throws a new complication into the mix: love.

Paole wants acceptance. Yveni wants his birthright. Even if they manage to come to an understanding, forces are gathering against them that could tear them apart forever…

Warning: Virginal angsting, interminable UST, and tender loving.

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Encounters (Books 1 & 2)

Second chances come once in a lifetime. And sometimes they come on Angel wings…

On Wings, Rising
Dinun is used to living alone in the great, empty lands of Quarn, looking for treasure. He never dreamed it would come in the form of an injured Angel.

One of a race of telepathic winged humanoids, Moon is searching desperately for the child stolen from him to be used in barbaric experiments. In Dinun he finds an unexpected ally—and a desire that takes flight. Dinun offers his bravery in the battle to recover the lost Angel infants. Will his heart be strong enough to win Moon’s love?

Reaching Higher
Captured and condemned to death for trying to save his home planet, Kine Raelne is offered a chance to redeem himself—and to go home, if he’s lucky. But it means working with a bunch of Quarnians who have every reason to distrust him.

Suaj qel Gwan’s telepathic ability might mean he has to cooperate with the hated offworlder, but it doesn’t mean he has to like it. Yet somehow, through their enforced proximity, Raelne and Suaj find within each other a reason to reach beyond their ingrained prejudice.

But there are others who would use their fragile trust to achieve their own ends…

Book 3 of this series, Bound to fall, is available through Smashword in eformat.

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The Surrogate

The Surrogate tells the story of Nikolas as he is swept up into a dark world of slavery and abuse, where he might be the only hope of those trapped for a lifetime serving the needs of an evil and rapacious god. This story includes graphic depictions of rape and torture. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Reincarnate is the sequel to The Surrogate. It is included in this volume.

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Unsettled Conditions (Pindone Files #2)

The horrific events in Cold Front leave Dek and Ren damaged and estranged, but they can’t walk away from the past or each other. Unknown forces take an unseemly interest in them, and they must turn to some unlikely allies for help. Final half of the Pindone Files.

Contains the short “Visibility: Good to Poor” and the full novel “Unsettled Conditions”.

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Kei’s Gift (Darshian Tales #1)

First of the Darshian Tales.

Kuprij is made up of a thousand crowded islands – thrusting, ambitious, war-like, driven by a booming population and a desire to bring its religion and its laws to the whole world. Twenty years ago, it conquered south Darshian, now it has greedy eyes on the north. The war brings Kei, a gentle, fun-loving healer from an isolated village, into collision with Arman, an embittered, honourable general, a man trapped in a loveless marriage and joylessly wedded to duty. The fate of two nations will rest on these two men – and somehow they must not only learn to overcome their own personal difficulties, but bring peace with honour to their countries. If they fail…many innocents will die.

Digital version revised and reissued February, 2010. Revised print version now also available.

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Falling From The Tree (Darshian Tales #2)

How does it feel to be raised by people who look nothing like you, and to know that the secrets of your past are too terrible to be spoken of?

Sixteen years after Kei’s Gift, young Karik is taking his first steps into the wider world. But the question of his parentage, and the role Arman played in his history, are mysteries Karik needs to solve. But in doing that, he gets a lot more than he bargained for – and to face the new challenges, he’ll need to grow up. In a hurry.

Landing softly is a side story to Falling from the tree, and follows one of the minor characters on their own journey to find their destiny.

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Staying Power (Darshian Tales #3)

Karik has always wanted to travel and see more of the world. Finally, he’s going on his first major expedition, to explore the wild and mysterious land of Andon, and make it give up its secrets.But he’s about to learn that working in a team, and managing diverse talents and personalities isn’t that easy. And it’s even harder when your leader is a prickly but handsome army lieutenant who thinks you’re an arrogant bastard, and your colleague only seems to open his mouth to insert the other foot. Karik will encounter danger, hardship and much personal trial. But will he win his reward at the end of it? Read Staying Power and find out.

Freely Given is a prequel to Falling from the tree and Staying Power, covering Kei and Arman’s first few months in Darshek.

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Home Ground (Darshian Tales #4)

After the events in Staying Power, Wepizi was ready for a new challenge, and he gets it, in the form of a new posting. But what he finds there, and the events that take place, will test him more than he ever imagined. And Prince Juimei will learn the true role of a leader in a time of great crisis.

In Bearing Fruit, it’s time for Kei, Arman, Karik and their friends to explore the fruits of peace and to build upon the hard work of the last two decades. But if they thought life was finally going to settle down – they were much mistaken. An unwelcome figure from their pasts brings surprises and problems, and perhaps more changes to lives which have already seen so much upheaval.

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