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New Novella – More Than A Thousand Words

I have a new m/m novella out! $2.99 from Smashwords. More Than A Thousand Words Steve McCallum is a private security professional, offering protection to London’s rich and secretive elite. When a nanny is attacked and her charge is abducted, … Continue reading

A new story, new direction?

It’s been an absolute age since I wrote anything, and now I have, it’s het/ff! Very different from anything I’ve written before (except maybe Lindira) and I have no idea if I’ll write more of it. But if you want to … Continue reading

Needful in Finnish

The wonderful Paula Merensuo has completed her massive undertaking of love, and made available in Finnish, Needful, the final book in the Remastering Jerna series. Download free from Smashwords here. Every so often I am approached out of the blue … Continue reading

Let me tempt you?

Okay, guys. I always knew a non-romance SF novella was going to be a hard sell to my usual readers. So let me tempt you to try Lost in Translation for FREE from Smashwords until  28 February 2015, using code UP67L … Continue reading

New Story – Lost in Transcription

I am pleased to announce a new novella. Pilot Bancilhon Pax doesn’t expect anything but relaxation during some planetary downtime, but news of missing children possibly trafficked for sex can’t be ignored. Pax investigates, a decision which turns the pilot’s … Continue reading

New Updates only Twitter Account

For those of you who just want the fics, the sales, the covers – there is a new account you can follow, without having to read about anything I have to say about life, the universe, and everything. Don’t forget … Continue reading

Discounts on Darshian Tales Extended

Because I goofed setting up the discounts on one of the books at ARe, I’ve extended the discount at ARe and at Smashwords until 30 November (same codes). Apologies for the screwup.

Darshian Tales discounted at ARe too!

My Darshian Tales are now also discounted to $1 each at ARe until 23 November.

“Games & Consequences” in Finnish

Once again I have been blessed by the hard work and sheer talent of Paula Merensuo who has translated the second book in the Remastering Jerna series into Finnish. Go download it for free here.

“Remastering Jerna” in Finnish!

A Finnish reader contacted me a while ago and offered to translate my book, since there is very little of this kind of material in the Finnish language. I was wary because I would have no way of checking the … Continue reading

And…I’m back!

Safe and sound and not even too jetlagged (thank you Singapore Airlines business class, ooh you are so awesome!) It was all amazing. Iceland was even more stunning than I imagined, and Norway lives up to all the hype and … Continue reading

Up, up and away!

This time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane heading to London, where we catch a flight to Iceland. And then, hopefully, will follow six and a half weeks of wonderful scenery, great food and exciting things to do in Scandinavia … Continue reading

Disabled protagonists

I thought some readers might appreciate a list of my books which feature disabled protagonists, so I’ve created a category so you can find them easily. These are the characters: Dylan in Twin Effect is an amputee, as is Evan … Continue reading

Now the sales are over….

All the sales and discounts are finished now, which is sad for you and for me. For you, if you missed out, and for me, for the same reason, because I hate to see people paying full price when they … Continue reading

Hey! Don’t be a sad panda!

See this panda? It is sad. Why is the panda sad? Because it didn’t catch the amazing deal that runs out on 28 February (that’s Thursday, guys.) All three Remastering Jerna novels for $2! Books 2 & 3 completely free! … Continue reading