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Been quiet around here, although things have been happening. The bad news is that Samhain Publishing went belly up in February, but with professional good grace and speed, returned the rights to me the novels published with them. I will be making those available through Smashwords, though only slowly because I’m rather depressed about my books right now.

The reason for that is that All Romance Ebooks, through which (as well as Smashwords) I had sold all my self-pubbed ebooks) also went belly up at the end of December, giving me and other authors exactly one day’s notice before suspending royalties collection (while books remained on sale for another few days), and then refusing to pay anything but 10 cents in the dollar and only if I signed away all my rights to sue the pants off Lori James aka Samantha Sommersby (who is a damn thief). Note this is after they took their full 30% cut as well.

Worse than the money I lost (about $60, although considerable questions remain as to how accurate the accounting was), is that readers/customers of ARe were given no warning that their purchased books had to be downloaded within a couple of days, or they would be unavailable. The shocking lack of honesty and transparency hurt a lot of people financially and emotionally. Links here, here, here, and here for further reading.

So thinking about my books has been a bit of a miserable experience lately. But the good news is I have just put Somatesthesia up on Smashwords for $2.99. Get it for $2 (1/3 off) with this code – PM45Z –  at Smashwords, until June 4 2017.


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